6 main reasons why most diets are unsuccessful
  1. Diets actually make your fat cells fatter.

    Most diets usually involve the consumption of less foods. However, trying to starve a fat cell only boosts its ability to store fat, take in new fat, and multiply. Fat cells respond to starvation by holding onto the fat they already have and becoming more aggressive at taking in new fat once the diet is over.

    A great example is when you skip breakfast. This occurs many times simply due to lack of time in the morning. Before you know it your stomach is growling and sends a message to your body that it is starving and it immediately begins to store fat for future use.

    Therefore, if we take only 2 minutes of your day to make a refreshing fruit smoothie in the morning, you will be amazed at how easy it is to "diet"!

  2. Most diets require too many changes in eating habits.

    Behavioral scientists believe it takes 30 to 40 days of repetition for the human brain to master a new habit. In most situations, most people start a "diet" with the intent that it will take place until they reach a specified weight, or it is based on a time line. In reality, some people can barely diet 3 to 4 days versus a full month. To a have a better success rate, one can not just change their diet, you have to change your complete lifestyle. This may not be limited too but includes changes in eating times, eating quantities, types of foods, as well as a reasonable amount of work out activities. Therefore, if you try to start a diet and do not make some changes in your own daily routine, the odds of success are not in your favor.

    Therefore, a Vita-mix® owner has a higher probability of success because you can easily change your actual food intake and it all can be done with out completely changing your lifestyle and/schedule all at once. Many healthful recipes made in the Vita-mix® can be easily consumed during the drive to and from work.

  3. The high price of dieting can be more discouraging than anything.

    Most well known diets include long lists of what you should or should not eat, including foods not easily available in the supermarket. Based on this fact, we find ourselves paying more for foods in pursuit of a better you. It has been a standard practice that the healthier you try to eat, the more you have to pay.

    However, owning a Vita-mix® provides a great tool for creating a perfect and efficient diet simply from raw fruits and vegetables. The great thing about a raw fruit and vegetable diet, the cost of this type of diet will stay affordable due to governmental support, and the constant need to move these perishable items off the shelves before their expiration. Furthermore, if the price of raw fruits and vegetables becomes too high, people will simply quit buying them.

    As an added bonus, you can eat all the raw fruits and vegetables that you want and still lose weight. When you eat high-calorie, high-fat foods, you tend to keep on eating and eating, because fat doesn't make us feel full. However, a Vita-mix® diet rich in fiber will make you feel full and you will stop eating sooner. Again, if you focus more on a change in your lifestyle, being more focused on a raw fruits and vegetables, the so-called diet is not anything you work hard at, it just happens!

  4. Many diets are based on taste bud boredom.

    Many diets today incorporate foods that are very bland in flavor, or are extremely unappetizing, and this ultimately causes you to fantasize about the richer, fattier foods that are so conveniently available. Such repetitive and easy access to craving-like foods such as fast food causes impulses that entice you to think of ways to satisfy your deprived taste buds. Ultimately, monotonous bland flavored foods are no challenged for the foods that you have been most comfortable with most of your life.

    However, owning a Vita-mix® allows you to enjoy awesome recipes such as rich chocolate shakes, sorbets, nut butters and so much more, all while not sacrificing flavor for health. With a Vita-mix®, you can have the best if both worlds!

  5. The desire to lose weight becomes unrealistic.

    When you do not see any results from your dieting efforts, or even worse, you have gained weight since your diet began, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. As diets progress, sometimes the motivation that fuels the diets digresses. Therefore, again, if your success is based on just trying to eat less, rather than a sound strategy incorporating raw fruits and vegetables and a true lifestyle change, then chances are that your efforts may not be rewarded as much as you would have liked them too.

    If you incorporate a healthy lifestyle change into your daily routine, positive results will be gradual, but inevitable. By changing to a Vita-mix® lifestyle, increasing your whole foods intake, cutting sugar and reducing fat will give you more energy and boost your immune system. You will also lose weight at a pace your body is comfortable with. The best part is, your new Vita-mix® lifestyle will help you keep the weight off - successfully.

  6. Diets that restrict nutritional intake mess with your metabolism.

    Another problem with traditional diets, especially the ones isolated as low calorie diets, is that many times you ultimately end up starving your body of vital fiber and nutrients. This can trigger a complex chain reaction that will eventually tell your metabolism to stop burning so many calories. Then, when you end your diet, and you will, it takes quite a while for your metabolic rate to get back up to speed. In the meantime, you are eating foods like there is no tomorrow, you start gaining weight, and many times you gain more than you originally lost.

    Therefore, by living with a Vita-mix® lifestyle packed with delicious healthy foods that give your body the nutrients it needs to operate efficiently, you can and will find that healthier you! A Vita-mix® lifestyle in combination with a Vita-mix® diet of whole foods prepared in the Vita-mix® machine provide the maximum nutrition, and keep your metabolism burning at a steady rate. This type of nutrition will help fight infection, improve memory, reduce your risk of stroke and defy disease, while also helping you lose weight! There is only one you. Act like it!